Monday, 31 October 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - October

If September went by quickly, October went even quicker. I can't believe it's November tomorrow. I literally feel like I blinked and's the end of the month again. 

I guess the months are going so fast because I'm working full time. Even with half term, I was still working. I love my job and I think that's why the days just pass like the speed of light and I find myself at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, ready to get home and enjoy the weekend with my family. I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month with a lovely meal and a day of shopping. It was perfect!

Husband has been working hard, as always, but finding time to get back into the gym which he really enjoys. He has been looking forward to the return of The Walking Dead and was really shocked by the first episode of the new series. I'm not a fan of shows like it. I can't stand gross, bloody things. Final Destination films are about my limit in terms of scary, yucky movies. 

Zachary recently tried out for the school's football team. He loves playing football but because football classes clash with his karate times, he's never gone. Karate is such a great discipline for him and he really enjoys it too. Hopefully, if he gets picked for the tea, he'll have the opportunity to take part in games with the school without it affecting his Karate. 

Charlotte had a private horse riding lesson this month, as did I, and she really enjoyed it. She is so desperate to have her own horse. She'll un-tack the horses after the lessons, help clean out the stables and generally dotes on the ponies at the riding school. She loves horses so much, she decided to dress up as one for Halloween. Whether we would commit to a horse of our own or not is something that I'm not going to consider until she's a lot older as it would be one for us to share therefore we need something that suits both of us as riders. 

Our photos this month were taken just before we headed to our niece's christening. It was such a beautiful day for a beautiful little girl. The ceremony was lovely and she did so well, making everyone giggle with her cute babbling. 

November, I expect, will be another really quick month. We've a lot on including a visit to Aviemore with some of our best friends, child free, for a weekend of food, drink and a hot tub. I can't wait!

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