Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Presentation Practise

Charlotte has been practising hard for her presentation at school on the red squirrel. She had to find out facts about this cute little guy and then draw a picture of him. Obviously that's a photo on her front cover, not her drawing. 

I remember doing things like this at school and finding it really fun. There was one year I collected a lot of information and leaflets from the SSPCA and did a presentation on animal cruelty. It wasn't even part of my homework or a topic, I just wanted to do it to raise money for them. One of my classmates asked me what two dogs would do if they had been abandoned and had no food. I told them that the bigger dog would eat the smaller dog. Thankfully there is no talk of squirrels eating one another in Charlotte's talk. 

366 Project 2016 - Day 293

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