Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Snowflake Mistake - Book Review

Maverick Books sent us a new title from their picture book range to review. The Snowflake Mistake is the newest picture book from author Lou Treleaven, who also wrote Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip. It is beautifully illustrated by Maddie Frost.

The story is set in a palace high in the sky where the Snow Queen and her daughter, Princess Ellie, live. The Snow Queen makes sure that her snowflake machine runs like clockwork, producing very pretty, very identical snowflakes. One day she has to run an errand so Princess Ellie is left in charge. When she should have been paying attention, she was too busy daydreaming and playing with her friends the birds, missing the instructions her mum gave her for running the snowflake machine. When it all goes wrong, Princess Ellie calls on her friends to help her make snowflakes. They aren't identical like her mum's but they are just as beautiful, if not better.

This is a really lovely story that is perfect for a winter or Christmas story collection. It gives a really positive message about being unique and not everything being the same shape, size or style. It is written in rhyme, making it great for children to practise their rhyming words and sounds.

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