Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Girl and Her Horse

Charlotte just adores Jock. He is definitely her favourite pony to ride at the stables by a clear mile. He has a cheeky personality and doesn't behave his 34 years. 

We had a riding lesson today and it went really well. My horse was being a bit stubborn but after a firm talking to (and our teacher getting on him to get him behaving), he did a great jump for me. 

Charlotte and Jocky were on fire today. They did so well together; she was doing double jumps and going into jumps in canter. She was so excited, she wanted to keep going. 

She doesn't know but we've taken Jocky out on loan over the Christmas period so she can go up every day and look after him. She'll also get to ride him twice a day. She loves being at the stables and has made a new friend there. I know she will love being a stable girl when she's old enough. 

366 Project 2016 - Day 332

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