Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Me & Mine 2016 - November

I can't believe that it is December tomorrow. This month has gone by so quickly but it also feels like this photo was taken ages ago. In fact, it was taken on the 4th of November when we went down to the park to watch the fireworks.

This month has been full of highs and lows. We spent an amazing weekend in Aviemore with our best friends, celebrating a birthday but just before we left to go, we had to say goodbye to our cat Morgan, who had become very ill, very quickly.

I have been celebrating this month as I was offered a permanent job doing what I love. I had been covering a position since August, applied for the job in October, had my interview mid November and was offered the job within a few hours. It was such a huge weight off my shoulders and I don't have to worry about trying to find something else to keep me going. I'm working full time which is a huge transition from working part time for so many years but I get every weekend off which is great and I'm home for 4.30 most nights. But it will make such a huge difference to our lives in so many ways.

Husband had to buy himself a new car, well new to us, as his car died a few weeks ago. He had a Peugeot and it was 14 years old but did the job of getting him to and from work. However the back end was collapsing and it was no longer safe to drive. He bought himself a Vectra with good mileage for it's 10 years and it has been re-mapped so it is actually faster than my 3 series which is obviously a huge thing for him; he loves a fast car.

Zachary has been reading a lot this month and has discovered a love for Matthew Reilly. He has read Harry Potter, the Maze Runner books and other similar stories for children so Husband introduced him to one of his favourite authors. In terms of content, there are some naughty words in the books but, to be honest, Zachary knows not to use those words and could probably teach us some new words! I'm pretty sure that was the case when we were younger too. I think it's amazing that he loves to read so much.

Charlotte has been loving her horse riding and has grown in confidence despite a fall a few weeks ago. Now that I'm working full time, she has asked if we can go every week and if we can buy a horse however I don't think either of those things will happen any time soon. We have been going for private lessons though so we can have more time with our instructor to work on things we want to improve. For me it has been jumping as I'm pretty comfortable with everything else. For Charlotte, we've been working on her sitting up tall as she sometimes likes to ride like a jocky does in the racing.

December is such an exciting month all round but I'm looking forward to some time off over the festive period, our Christmas dinner at our favourite restaurant and a few nights out. Bring on Santa!

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