Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sibling Moments #35

Just before bedtime, these two end up wild and giggling like lunatics. I think they enjoy trying to prolong the actual going to bed part but once they are in bed, they are sound asleep within a few minutes.

Their hilarity together is so fun to watch. Sometimes it ends in tears with one or both of them getting hurt because they've been so lively but most of the time it ends in a quick cuddle to say goodnight and a shared giggle before they get told to calm down again.

They are super excited to be going to their Gran's house on Friday to stay for the full weekend. Husband and I are off on an adults only lodge break with some of our closest friends. I'll miss this pair like crazy but I know they'll be in good hands and they'll have so much fun together.

What a mad pair!

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