Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Tuna Steak Mid-Week Meal Idea

We've been having more fish in our diet by including it on our meal planner once a week. We've had salmon, sea bass and tonight we had tuna steaks.

I've never had tuna steaks before. I've eaten plenty of tuna out of can but tuna steaks are much tastier and much better for you than tinned tuna.

Tuna steaks are very meaty; almost a cross between chicken and steak. They only take a few minutes to cook and because of it's meaty taste, you can cook it like you would a steak. I cooked it right through because it was the first time we were having it but if I make them again, I'll cook them for less time to make them juicier in the middle.

I served them with vegetables and Mediterranean rice. Because the rice has a tomato base to it, it works really well with the tuna.

The kids really liked the taste of the tuna too, especially Zachary, who can't stand tuna from a tin.

366 Project 2016 - Day 308

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