Monday, 7 November 2016

When You Fall Off, Get Right Back On

As a child, I never once fell off my horse. We had lessons for many years but never really got passed cantering a few strides and I didn't do many jumps. Mostly we spent our time out on hacks, through the forest and down by the beach. I never had the opportunity to experience falling from a horse and getting straight back on.

Well, Sunday changed my luck.

I fell off my horse.

I was in canter, stick in hand, and as the horse came back to trot I lost grip of my stick. I caught it but it smacked the horse on the shoulder so he sped up. Because I was rising now, I was mid air and my foot came out of my stirrup. I held on with my legs as tight as I could and tried to get my centre of gravity back. As he slowed down, instead of turning into the ride so I could get myself back up straight, the horse turned to the left and I lost my grip. I landed on my right bum cheek.

I got straight up and got back on the horse. I went for another canter and it was much better. I learnt from my mistake and that's what will make me a better rider in the long run.

I wasn't scared as I lost my footing or worried about falling. It's just one of the risks you take when you climb up into that saddle. You just have to make sure you land either on your feet softly or on a pretty soft part of your body; and my bum cheeks are pretty soft! But most importantly, if you can, you have to just get back on the horse and get on with it.

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