Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Night Out

You can't beat a good Christmas night out. Everyone is feeling festive and looking forward to the Christmas break. I haven't been to a work's night out in quite a few years so I was really looking forward to going along to Husband's night out at the very fancy Champagne Bar in Glasgow.

I wore one of my favourite dresses, a recent purchase, from Lipsy. I didn't get a full length shot of my outfit because I was rushing out the door to make the train on time! I wore my black Carvela peep-toe shoes and a beautiful faux fur black coat, also from Lipsy. As a treat to myself, I had my makeup done at a local beauty salon. Again I didn't get a close up shot of it but I think it looked amazing and a million percent better than anything I would have done. I didn't want quite heavy eyes because I've never had my makeup that smoky before so I went for a more natural look with winged liner and a bit of silver glitter to tie in with my dress. I also had lashes put on which I loved!

The Champagne Bar was amazing. The room in which the party was held was beautifully decorated. It was lovely to meet Husband's colleagues and their partners and everyone looked very glamorous and smart. 

We had our dinner there which was OK. I'm not a huge fan of turkey so I didn't eat a lot but it was really well presented and the portion sizes were quite good too. 

There was a live band and they were fantastic. Usually I prefer a DJ whenever I go out but the band played some really good current covers and had everyone up on their feet. I was swaying back and forth (to the music not from the drink) because those darn shoes were killing my feet. I really need to wear heels more often. 

The party was in full swing but we had to leave to get the last train home. I was ready for bed. This working full time can be exhausting! Now the countdown is on for the big day and I can't wait!

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