Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Wish List - Under £50

With only a few more shopping days left before the big day, I thought I would share my wish list for Christmas gifts. Husband and I don't spend a lot on one another for Christmas because we are at a stage in our lives where, if we want something or need something, we just go out and buy it. However it is nice to get some presents picked out and given to you as a surprise on Christmas morning. 

My first wish list is of items that cost £50 or less. I'm not saying that I'm getting all of these items for my Christmas; these are things that I've seen that I'd quite like to buy for myself or even to gift a family member or friend. 

Pom pom hat

These are so popular just now and I think they are really cute. I have my eye on a particular brand in a black colour with a raspberry or lilac pom pom. These can range from £10 right up to £50 depending where you are buying them from but I think this would be a really lovely gift for someone who wants to be cosy and on trend this season. You could even add in a scarf and gloves to gift as a full set. 

Noa Cacharel

This is one of my most favourite perfumes for every day wear that doesn't cost a fortune. You can get a 50ml bottle for around £20 and a 100ml bottle for just under £50 if you shop around. It smells really fresh and floral, and it reminds me of holidays in France with one of my good friends as she wore it all the time. 

Carvela Black "Dina" Cross Stitch Tote

I spotted this bag on the Debenhams website and fell in love. It is perfect for me as a work bag and is just under £50. It comes with a shoulder strap as well as the handle so it can be worn different ways, making it really versatile. 


I ask for a new diary every year because...well I need one! This year I'd love Louise Pentland's (aka Sprinkle of Glitter) diary. It's really bright and colourful and I love her tips and ideas throughout the diary. A good diary is usually less than £10, depending what you are looking for. 

PJs and a dressing gown

I love getting new PJs for Christmas. It's about the only time I get new ones! Boux Avenue have some of my favourite PJs in terms of quality and comfort but I also like ones from George at Asda or from Primark. I do have a particular style though; I like long, loose bottoms and thick strapped vest tops or t-shirts. I'm not a fan of shorts or nighties or thick, fleecy jammies. 

What do you have on your Christmas wish list for under £50? 

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