Sunday, 11 December 2016

Horses and Hamburgers

Charlotte and I had a private lesson at horse riding today. It was cold and dark because the lesson was at 4pm and we were grateful to get home to our dinner, cooked by Husband, ready and waiting for us. It was so delicious!

Our lesson went really well. Charlotte rode a little Shetland pony called Tommy. She has ridden him before but she fell off him and she decided she didn't want to get back on him until now. I rode Barney.

Charlotte spent the lesson really working on her riding position and her trotting. She didn't want to canter Tommy because that's when she fell off him last time she rode him but she did do some jumps on him and loved it.

Our instructor was really happy with how I did on Barney. My confidence is growing every time I ride and I can feel myself getting better. It's a bit like when you are learning to drive. At first you are all over the place, remembering to check mirrors, signal, listening for when to change gear and so on, and horse riding is a bit like that. There are so many processes to go through when riding, it takes you awhile to perfect each one and then, finally, put them together. But I'm getting there and I love it.

366 Project 2016 - Day 345

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