Thursday, 1 December 2016

Let's Begin Advent

There are no Elves in our house but we do have fantastic advent calendars courtesy of Bella and Pops to mark the beginning of the most exciting month in the year. 

It's kind of a tradition that my Mum buys the kids an advent calendar. She used to post them but they arrived bashed and one year she sent these beautiful Roald Dahl calendars which had no chocolate inside but lovely quotes from his books. Zachary refers to this year as "the year Bella sent us joke calendars!" 

Now she sends me money to pick them up an advent calendar with strict has to be a Lindt one. Cadburys chocolate just isn't good enough for her Grandchildren. (LOL)

The kids were so excited to open door number 1 and behind it they found a little golden bunny. I have to admit, I would have Lindt chocolate over Cadburys any day. Zachary is really excited to get a truffle whilst Charlotte was hoping the bunnies would be reindeer.

366 Project 2016 - Day 335

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