Sunday, 18 December 2016

Malteser Meringue Pudding

The day after a night out is always a bit of a lazy day. I was in bed until 12pm, watching Zoella on YouTube and enjoying a bowl of Rice Krispies. After a shower and a bacon and poached egg roll, I caught up with Hollyoaks. It was 6 episode marathon as I never have the time to watch it in the evening. The candles were lit, the Christmas tree lights were on; it was cosy and perfect.

We had roast chicken for dinner followed by Malteser meringue gateau. It was so tasty! The cream in the middle of the meringue tasted exactly like the inside of a Malteser. Delicious!

And now I'm eating more junk because it's almost Christmas, it's Monday tomorrow and I have one more week of work left before the holidays!

366 Project 2016 - Day 352

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