Saturday, 31 December 2016

Me & Mine - A Round up of 2016

Taking part in the Me & Mine project every month is a fantastic way to make sure we have at least 12 family photos in the year. Life can be so busy and hectic, finding time to take photos of the four isn't always high on the list of priorities but it is so important for our children to have these family photos to look back on when they are older. This is why I love taking part in the project. And I love looking back on the year to see how much we've changed. Here's how our 2016 looked:

We celebrated Husband's birthday in January (it's his big 4-0 in 2017!) and took a quick selfie before we went for dinner with friends.

I can't believe how long Zachary's hair is in this photo and Husband's lack of facial hair! And Charlotte seems so teeny here!

Who are the crazy people on the beach in March? That'll be us!

April was such a gorgeous month. I remember a few years ago it was the same come April. The sun was out and it was roasting hot.

Our beautiful girl turned 7 in May...

...and our handsome boy turned 9 in June.

July was a beautiful month. My Sister got married and it was the most perfect day ever. 

The lighter evenings of August.

Another beach shot in September. It was a very windy day!

This year has been filled with celebrations! In October we were all dressed up to attend our niece's Christening.


Family time in December. What a fantastic year 2016 has been. Bring on 2017!

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