Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sibling Moments #36

I'm sure, like many others, these two are absolutely wired that it's almost Santa time. They are on the countdown for Christmas Eve and keep shaking presents that have started to accumulate under the tree for them from our very generous friends and family. Charlotte keeps saying, "but can't we just open one?!"!

They have been great together this month. I can remember my Sister and I fighting like cat and dog all the time but Zachary and Charlotte very rarely fight. And if they do, they are soon friends again and laughing away together. My Sister and I would get into actual physical fights...maybe it's a girl thing?!

They are at a great age where they'll sit together and play a game on their tablets or read a book together. I hope that doesn't change as they grow older. I would love for them to have a really close relationship right through their teens and, of course, for the rest of their lives.

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