Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Smiggle Stationery - Review

A few months ago, we headed to our local shopping centre and spotted a brand new shop. It was called Smiggle and it was like a kaleidoscope of colour; we just had to go in. Inside the shop was an array of stationery, accessories, toys, gadgets and amazing things. The kids were loving it and the stationery fan in me was mentally adding things to a wish list. Every time we visit the shopping centre, we go in for a nosey because, not only does their stock look amazing, it smells amazing too.

I was invited to the launch of their new store in Edinburgh but couldn't make it, sadly. Darn work! However, Smiggle very kindly sent us some goodies in the post. Could the kids contain their excitement? Could they heck!

Their packaging is so fun and inside was something much more exciting than Mr Tumble could ever pull out of his spotty bag!

The coloured pencils are, in fact, writing pencils. They magically change colour when you hold them. I had pens similar to these when I was younger and I loved them. Smiggle have a huge range of pencils, ranging from coloured to scented. Prices start from £1.50.

Charlotte couldn't wait to open this strawberry milkshake pencil case with strawberry scented badges. It has lots of fun pictures on a very bright pink and blue plastic material. The pencil case feels really sturdy so it should wear well over the school year and beyond. Aside from the zip opening up the middle of the carton, you can open the top by pulling apart the two popper buttons. There's lots of space inside to hold a small ruler, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers...whatever you need for class. There are two other colours available and it is currently priced at £11.50. Dimensions are 7cm x 21.5cm x 7cm.

Zachary snapped up this notebook for himself as he is forever writing stories. He also found the idea of a scratch and sniff hilarious. Boys! But the funky design also really appeals to Zachary. It's fun without being too young for him. It smells of cola and it comes with a lock and key so he can keep him stories safe until they are finished. Inside is a selection of different coloured lined paper. Again Smiggle have a great selection of notebooks, journals and jotters in a variety of colours, scents and designs. Prices start from £2.00.

Last up is this very funky slapbands. These are all the rage and I can remember when they were all the rage when I was young too however I think they were called snap bands. Funny how these things end up coming back around. This is from the collection of jelly slapbands in the neon colours, priced at £4.00. They don't really serve any purpose except to put them on with a slapping motion and wear around your wrist (or ankle if you are Charlotte and Zachary sized). A great idea for a stocking filler.

You can order online with Smiggle if you don't have a store nearby. There are lots of fun ideas for gifts or if you want stationery that stands out from other brands. Price wise, some things are a bit expensive whilst others are really reasonable but overall I think everything is well made and built to last the school year which is what you want from anything you buy for school.

Thanks Smiggle for these fab things!

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