Thursday, 5 January 2017

10 Things for 2017

Last year I posted my 10 things for 2016. I've been doing these lists since 2011 and I find them really useful for planning the year ahead and giving myself some goals and very interesting to look back on to see how many of my 10 things I actually achieved.

My 10 things for 2016 were:
  1. Pass my HND with an A grade (I'm hoping for a B but why not be ambitious)
  2. Get a job (once I finish my HND!)
  3. Be a bit healthier 
  4. Take better care of my skin
  5. Devise a workout routine and stick to it
  6. Drink more water
  7. Spend more time outdoors
  8. Vlog more
  9. Use Instagram more
  10. Fully appreciate and be grateful for our family time and our health
I've really delighted to say that the first two on my list were achieved. Those were my biggest goals for 2016 and it was a huge relief to tick them off my list. I've been trying to be healthier but over the festive period, it went to pot. I'm back on it though and whilst I still enjoy a treat or two, I make sure I eat a balanced diet and exercise 4 times a week. I've been taking care of my skin and, touch wood, am pleased to say I've not had any really bad breakouts in a long time. 

I've been using Instagram more and post at least once a day now but I'd like to do more. Vlogging has gone on the back burner because I just don't have the time to film anything during the week. Working full time means I come home exhausted and I just want to spend that time with the kids and Husband. Which relates nicely to number 10 on my list. 

Here are my 10 things for 2017:
  1. Visit our family more frequently
  2. Make more time for our friends
  3. Try and take a family holiday 
  4. Get some of the jobs done in the house
  5. Continue to improve at horse riding lessons
  6. Make more time for myself to relax
  7. Cut down on the amount of junk food I eat
  8. Read more books
  9. Get outdoors more at the weekend
  10. Save more pennies
Family and friends are so important to us but we very rarely see either because we are so busy with work and hobbies. I definitely want to take more trips to Edinburgh to see my family there because the kids love seeing their cousins and they all get on so well. I'd like to go to Manchester more often too. We're looking at going on holiday this year if we can however we've stuff we want to do in the house and we want to save for Florida. We've decided that 2019 will be the year we go back so saving more pennies is definitely on the cards. Whilst we save a good amount of money every month, there are a few things we could cut back on to save even more. I'm loving my horse riding lessons and definitely want to keep going and improve my riding skills. We'd love to buy a horse some day but until I'm a completely competent rider, it won't be happening. 

Have you set yourself any goals for 2017? 

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