Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A Look Back at 2016

When I think back to 2016 and how it was for us as a year, I would say it was pretty good overall. There were some hard times, of course, but mostly it was full of amazing moments and wonderful memories created.

In January, we welcomed a new niece into the family, this time on Husband's side. What a beautiful little girl she is. She's now a year old and is such a sweet little girl. We saw a lot of snow and the kids had a lot of fun playing in it. I hear it's on the way again and I have to say, I'm not looking forward to it.

In February, my Mother-in-Law celebrated a very special birthday. I went along to her birthday party and had a lot of fun. Husband celebrates his own special birthday this year and I can't wait to enjoy it with him.

It was Mother's Day in March and we spent it at one of my favourite restaurants, enjoy lots of yummy food. It was also the month we went tile shopping for our new bathroom. Very exciting!

With it being half term in April, Charlotte went to horse camp and loaned Jocky for a week. She had a great time caring for him and riding twice a day. She was knackered when she got home and slept so well. We visited a really lovely park with a fairy trail too.

In May, our beautiful girl turned 7! We celebrated with a small gathering at the house and we ordered Chinese for dinner. It was so simple but just what Charlotte wanted.

In June, we celebrated our beautiful boy turning 9. He also had a small gathering at the house with his best friends coming for pizza and a sleepover. We also went to our favourite Italian restaurant for our dinner. It was delicious.

Summer holidays began in July and the highlight of not only this month but our year, was attending my Sister's wedding. It was an amazing day spent with family and friends.

In August, I started working as a supply nursery teacher and absolutely loved where I was working. The kids went back to school; Zachary to P6 and Charlotte to P3. Working full time meant I had to start finding the balance between motherhood, being a wife, working, cleaning, cooking and blogging.

Charlotte had her first ever eye test in August and ended up needing glasses for doing her school work and reading. She really suits them and was very excited to be getting her very own pair.

It was my birthday in October and I was feeling very reflective on turning 31. There was another special occasion towards the end of October; our niece's christening. It was a lovely ceremony and a great opportunity to get all dressed up.

November was very exciting for two reasons. Firstly, we headed to Aviemore, child-free, to celebrate one of our best friend's birthday. We stayed in the most beautiful lodge, had a private chef and spent quite a lot of time in the hot tub. Secondly, I successfully interviewed for a permanent job at the nursery I was on supply in. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. However it was also a sad month where we had to say goodbye to our little cat, Morgan, who became very ill, very quickly.

Just like that, it was December and so began all of the Christmas madness. We went to George Square to ride the carousel and drink hot chocolate, watched Charlotte in her last ever nativity and the big day itself was amazing. It was lovely to spend the time together and we made lots of wonderful memories.

What a year 2016 was! I wonder what 2017 will hold for us all?

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