Monday, 16 January 2017

Finding A Service with Bidvine

Social media is such a wonderful platform for businesses to advertise to potential customers and for your friends and family to make recommendations on any of the services you need, whether it be a cake maker, a nice restaurant, a cleaner or a photographer. But the hassle of contacting each individual company for a price and availability can be a mammoth task. This is where Bidvine comes in and does all of the hard work for you by bringing the quotes to you. 

Bidvine is an easy to use website, and is also available to download as an app, where you can submit a request for a price from a local business. I was looking for portrait photographers near Glasgow because there are so many pages on Facebook, I had no idea where to start and who to go with, so I gave Bidvine a go. When you're buying professional photos of your family, you really want the best of the best but with so many recommendations from friends and beautiful photos to look at, I wanted to be able to compare prices and packages.

I started the process by filling in a form for the service I wanted. I was able to be very particular about what I was looking for including the style of photography, if I wanted the photos printed or on a USB, and how far I was willing to travel or if I wanted them to come to me. It took a few minutes, I clicked submit and I waited for my responses. The process was really simple and the site was easy to navigate. 

I received a few responses within hours of posting my request. They were all very detailed, provided prices and a number of options for packages, styles and time. Alongside the bids were the contact details and reviews from previous bookings. 

Bidvine offer a simple search engine facility where you can type in the service you are looking for and your postcode and they'll do the rest for you. The list of services include cleaners, decorators and guitar instructors. 

If you are looking for a very quick and easy way to find a local service, then Bidvine is worth a look. 

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