Thursday, 5 January 2017

Full of Coke

Who knew that a double bed would comfortably fit 2 adults and 2 children for a story?! It seems Zachary's bed is big enough for us all to snuggle up and enjoy a book together. And we eventually did, after a wild 20 minutes from Charlotte.

It seems she was full of beans despite being at her God Parents' house all day, out in the fresh air and playing with their daughters. Maybe it was because she was full of coke.

When I arrived to pick the kids up, Charlotte had a few sips left in a small bottle of coca cola. At first I thought she had it because she was doing a bottle flip (sigh!) but, in fact, she had been drinking it. I don't mind the kids drinking juice but it's not something they drink very often if at all. It seems Charlotte had convinced her God Father otherwise and he had bought her one at the shop. So, of course, she was hyper as anything when it came to settling down for bed.

It would appear that she has not only got her Daddy wrapped around her finger but her God Father too.

365 Project 2017 - Day 5

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