Sunday, 8 January 2017

I Want to Buy Him

Meet Ernie; how beautiful is this boy? He's 4 years old however I'm not sure if he is a colt or a gelding; I must remember to ask. He is the most gorgeous skewbald I think I've ever seen and has the sweetest nature. He would stand for ages to be fussed over and pampered. I've been admiring him ever since he came into the stables last year and watching him being backed and schooled over the last few months. I hoped one day our instructor would let me ride him.

Today was the day. I was so excited to try him and I loved him. He's a bit forward and he's still a baby but I like that about him. He needed very little from me and was responding to my voice and encouragement with little input from my feet. His canter was amazing!

He is for sale and I have to admit, I am seriously tempted to look into buying him. He's a great size just now and would be great for a mother/daughter share in a few years when Charlotte is bigger. I'd like to be a more competent rider before I took a horse like him on but I do just love him. And sometimes life is just too short...

365 Project 2017 - Day 8

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