Thursday, 12 January 2017

It Snowed...

Little footprints in the snow. Who do they belong to and where do they go?

We thought we had escaped the snow when we woke this morning but it wasn't to be. As we sat down to eat breakfast, the blizzard started.

I hate the snow and I hate when the temperature drops and the slush turns to solid ice. I don't like walking in it and I really don't like driving in it. But I live in Scotland so it's bound to happen at some point in the year.

Despite this, we seem to go into panic mode and the roads can come to a standstill. Or, you go to leave for your work at 8am and find that no one gritter has been on the road. They've known it's been coming for the last 10 days but they have failed to prepare our roads for travel.

I managed to get to and from work in one piece, thank God! And it the blizzard eased off fairly quickly. Here's hoping we've had our annual visit in one day!

365 Project 2017 - Day 12

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