Monday, 9 January 2017

The First Day Back

Although I've been back at work since last Wednesday, I found it really hard to get up this morning. Perhaps it was because last Sunday I knew I didn't need to get up early so I slept great whereas last night I kept waking, worried I would miss my alarm. Maybe it's the weather. I think I might suffer with the disorder where the seasons affect your wellbeing. I love winter for Christmas time but then I'm over it and ready for summer when the festivities are done. Whatever it was, I literally could have stayed in bed for a week.

Sadly I couldn't so I forced myself up and I did a workout. I ate a healthy breakfast of porridge and fruit. I got the kids organised for school and I headed to work.

I only ate three miniature heroes on my lunch break despite there being a full tub.

I ate a good dinner and had some cornflakes for supper. I am still drinking water.

I can see me being in bed for 8.30pm because my second wind isn't coming and I'm really struggling to stay awake. The joys of the first day back.

Oh and the kids have been zonked since 7.30pm.

365 project 2017 - Day 9

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