Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Is this actually a thing? Can you really find the perfect work-life balance? Sometimes I think we've hit it right on the money and then other days I feel so exhausted, both physically and emotionally, I just want to go to hide. Being a working parent, whether it's full or part time, is pretty hard going. Sometimes I feel like the only way to strike the perfect balance would be to win the lottery and never work again!

RBS have found the answer the work/life balance answer by creating their guide to running a business on a 20 hour week, which sounds amazing! I remember when I worked just 16 hours per week and it was perfect for us. I was always there for the kids and when I was at work, Husband was there for the kids. There were no childcare costs and I only worked a Saturday morning so we always had our weekends together after a few hours. But these flexible working hours have to suit both employee and employer and when it no longer suited them, my employer stopped the flexible working so many staff had become used to and grateful for. This can be one of the biggest reasons so many people look into starting up their own businesses from home and be in control of their working patterns.

There are plenty of times I've thought about starting up my own business so I can be in charge of my own work schedule and be there for my kids when they need me. But when I looked in to it, I felt like I needed a lot of time to get things up and running and, of course, the costs. RBS are working with small businesses in 2017 through their Boost programme and Business Growth Enablers, helping those with the dream of achieving that 20 hour week and perfect work-life balance a reality.

As a working parent, managing your workload is definitely key to going some way to achieving the perfect work-life balance. It's about making sure you maximise your time to work and then completely shut off when it's time to be with the family. I am a person who is highly organised and it's the best way for me to feel like I'm getting the best out of my work. I have lists and check things off as I go. I have routines and schedules to make sure things are done on time. It's a method I used to help me cope with going back to college and writing reports.

In terms of running the house, I am also really organised with when the housework is done, what meals we are having every week and setting out the school uniforms the night before. I don't do housework at the weekend; that is our time with the kids. Being organised with my time means I'm not stressing out, worrying about when I'm going to get things done and it makes me feel a lot better about myself as a parent.

How do manage your work-life balance?

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