Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Their Cuddly Friends

This week has been exhausting for all of us. It's always the way when you go back to school or work for your first full week after any holiday. Last week I only worked 3 days so right now I'm feeling like tomorrow should be Saturday. But it isn't; it's Thursday.

The kids have been coming in from school, getting changed and having their snack, and heading up to their rooms to lie down and chill with their tablets and cuddly friends.

Charlotte has her ever faithful Ted. She's had him since she was born and he's never far from her arms when she's feeling tired. He sleeps beside her in her bed and if I check on her during the night, she's still cuddling him or at least holding him by the paw.

Zachary doesn't sleep with a cuddly toy but he has a small collection of Pokemon plushies. Bulbasaur is his favourite. I always liked Squirtle the best; I felt like Bulba was always a bit lazy!

I am so looking forward to the weekend. I think we're just going to chill out and do nothing and I think we're all needing it.

365 Project 2017 - Day 11

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