Disneyworld Florida Trip

In October 2015 we had the amazing opportunity of travelling to Orlando, Florida to spend two weeks at Disneyworld. I knew from when I had my children that I wanted to be able to take them to Disneyworld to experience the magic of Disney and all the other amazing things Orlando has to offer. Husband had never been to Florida either so it was a first trip for the three of them and a chance for me to visit one of the places I loved visiting as a child.

I put together this page for anyone who loves Disney and for anyone who might be planning a first trip to Orlando. We did stay in Disney property so if this page seems a little Disney favoured then that's the reason. The boys visited Universal too so there is some information on those parks and also some information on shopping and eating out.

This page is currently being updated as and when my posts and vlogs go live so keeping checking for updates!

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