My Gifted Child

Zachary is my first born son. Born in 2007, I was a new mum with not a clue what I was doing with Zachary but we found our feet together and we began our journey as new parents to a boy.

I had no idea about normative development and children reaching milestones. I had read some books but I kind of went on the idea that every child is different and therefore should be appreciated for their uniqueness.

When Zachary was around 9 months old, we noticed that he could point to things we asked him about when he was playing. For example, when I asked him where the circle in his jigsaw was, he picked the circle up and put it straight in to the puzzle board. At the time we didn't think anything of it. 

Then, just before Zachary turned 1, he ordered his number skittles correctly. These were soft toy animal skittles, six of them, and they had a number on their tummy. At first I thought it was a fluke and I messed them up to see if he noticed. Well, notice Zachary did and immediately he crawled over to the unit, pulled himself up and stood there to fix them. 

Before he was 2, Zachary could identify any number you presented to him. He could identify letters and three and four letter words. He could count to 100 (and probably more, but he never sat for that long!) He could identify shapes, including 3D shapes and shapes I'd never heard of. He knew all of his colours. Math was his strong point. He already understood quantities, order and was doing simple multiplication and division. He could easily count up in twos, fours, fives, tens, twelves and twenties. In fact, any number ending in a 0 he could count up in. 

Before Zachary was 3, he was reading. He could see words within words. For example, one day he was looking at the word stop. He looked at me and said, "you can make the word pots and tops from the word stop". His Math skills were still his strongest area and he could easily tell you about fractions and decimals. He took an interest in Geography the year we got him a globe and within 2 days, he could tell us the capital city of every country in the world. Before his 4th birthday, he had read some of the Secret Seven books himself. 

At first, when Zachary started to do all of these things, I didn't think anything of it. I didn't know any differently. It wasn't until he started to show off to other parents at our toddler group that they would comment on how smart he was. They asked, "do you teach him these things?" and my answer was always, well no, but if he asks me to show him something, I'll show him. When he started nursery, I think they thought I was sitting with him and forcing him to learn all this information, however they quickly realised that wasn't the case when Zachary would ask them to sit with him and start practising spellings or Math. 

This year I have written about our Zachary's journey to moving up a year in school. You can read over the posts by following these links:

It's worth pointing out at this time, Zachary has only ever been observed by an educational psychologist and only ever been assessed in school where he out performed his tests by almost 5 years ahead of where he should be academically. He continues to be assessed as part of the school on a regular basis. 

I decided to write this page and continue with my posts as I am 100% sure that Zachary isn't the only child like him. He is, of course, completely unique in that he is him and no matter how intelligent he may be, that isn't what defines him. However I think it is important to document this journey of his and I hope it can help others out there with children like Zachary. 

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