Reviews / Giveaways

Since having children I've become more aware of what I buy and where I buy it from. I always read reviews on products and they play a big part on whether I choose to buy that product or not.

I decided to start reviews on my blog so I can share my honest thoughts on just about anything. I hope you'll find my reviews interesting, fun but most of all useful.

I've had the opportunity to carry out video reviews and these can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

In 2012, we were asked to join the Toys R Us Toyologist programme. This involved us reviewing 30 new toys over the course of 3 months. Our reviews are available to read on the Toys R Us Toy Box blog. We have most recently been invited to join the Playmobil team of Playmobil Playologists!

I happy to offer giveaways on my blog too. 

Here are some links to previous reviews we have done:

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